Tugun Members Application and Renewal

We all hate having to renew our cards at the end of every year, now you can join for up to 5 years at a discounted rate. Show your support by renewing early and ensuring you stay eligible for our generous members only discounts and remain eligible to win one of our 3 weekly members draws.

Download this file (Application-Renewal-for-Membership-2014.pdf)Application-Renewal-for-Membership-2014.pdf[Application/Renewal for Membership 2014]75 kB

Tugun Leagues Club Board Members

The Club would also like to welcome all of the newly elected board members for the new year ahead.

  • President; Rod Hill
    Vice President; Rod Hill
    Secretary; Karen Denny
    Treasurer; Mitch Tune
    Board Members James Stove, Mick Taylor, Kevin Parsons and Chris Jaffray

Privacy Policy of Tugun Rugby League Football Club Inc

Privacy Policy of Tugun Rugby League Football
Club Inc., Liquor licence number 84782
The Privacy Policy applies to personal information collected by the club, as the club is an applicable organisation under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), which governs the way private sector organisations collect, use, keep secure and disclose personal information.
The Privacy Policy outlines:
· how and when the club collects personal information;
· how the club uses and discloses personal information;
· how the club keeps personal information secure, accurate and up-to-date;
· how an individual can access and correct their personal information; and
· how the club will facilitate or resolve a privacy complaint.
We recommend that you read and understand the Privacy Policy and keep it for future reference. If you require any clarification, you can contact us on the address at the end of the document.


Download this file (Tugun-RLFC-Privacy-Policy.pdf)Tugun-RLFC-Privacy-Policy.pdf[ ]45 kB